Parenting is one of the most intense and responsible tasks in our lives. At
times it is an arduous and tiring task, and at other times richly rewarding and
satisfying. Due to the busyness of our lives, parenting sometimes slips into
‘managing’ children and the family, instead of simply ‘being with’ the
children and the family. When this happens, parenting becomes one of the
many tasks on our endless ‘to-do’ list, and we lose sight of our experience of
being in the moment with our children and family.

Parenting, with all its joys and challenges, can become even more
demanding when your child has unique developmental, physical, learning,
behavioural, or sensory needs. Balancing these responsibilities while
maintaining your own identity can be overwhelming. From medical
appointments and school commitments to tending to other children, nurturing
relationships, running a household, and often dealing with sleepless nights, the
challenges can seem immense.


Topics we cover

  • Managing stressful situations with grace and strength.
  • Embracing imperfection in parenting and understanding that it’s okay not
    to be perfect.
  • Recognising the power of choice in responding to daily challenges.
  • Balancing energy management with the demands of caregiving, because
    you matter too.
  • Navigating the emotional landscape of living loss and finding pathways
    to hope and healing.

Care4Parents is a safe space for parents navigating the unique
challenges of raising children with 22q. The specifically tailored
psychoeducational program introduces principles of mindful parenting,
opportunities to reflect on oneself and sharing experiences with others.
In our journey together, we’ll explore various themes that often arise in
challenging parenting situations, with a specific focus on parenting a child with
22q. We understand that your path is not just about caregiving but also about
self-discovery and resilience.


Europe & East Coast America
Time: 19.00-21.00pm CEST (Central European Summer Time)
1. Monday May 6th
2. Monday May 13th
3. Monday May 20th
4. Monday May 27th
5. Monday June 3rd
6. Monday June 10th
7. Monday June 17th
8. Monday June 24th
Follow-up: Monday September 9th
Trainer: Dr. Sasja Duijff

Australia & West Coast America
Time: 12.00-14.00pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
1. Tuesday May 7th
2. Tuesday May 14th
3. Tuesday May 21st
4. Tuesday May 28th
5. Tuesday June 4th
6. Tuesday June 11th
7. Tuesday June 18th
8. Tuesday June 25th
Follow-up: Tuesday September 10th
Trainer: Dr. Linda Campbell


10-week program (including one individual intake session, 8 group sessions, and
one follow-up session). Each session is 1.5 to 2hrs long
Live online delivery with weekly readings and home practice
You need a private room, a comfortable place to sit, a yoga mat or similar,
headphones, and a laptop or computer with good internet access.


Euro: 375,
– per participant (1 intake & 9 sessions x 2hrs @ €18,75- per hour)
AUD: 620,
– per participant (1 intake & 9 sessions x 2hrs @ AUD31,
– per hour)
– 50% discount for a participating spouse –
Please contact us if these costs pose a problem so we can look for a solution


22qMinded is a clinic specifically working with individuals with 22q11.2 deletion and
duplication syndrome and their families. We aim to provide an environment where
people come to learn from others with similar experiences, connect with like-minded
people by sharing experiences and grow as individuals and families. We believe in
person and family-centred strength-based therapeutic approaches.
Registrations are made by emailing to Please register for
Care4Parents no later than the 23rd of April. You will be sent a link to an online
form. Registrations will be completed and intake sessions booked upon receipt of
payment. The program will not proceed with less than 6 participants and the full fee
will be refunded if the program does not proceed.

Connect with us on our socials for regular information or sign up for the newsletter on
our website.

IG: @22qminded
FB: @22qminded

Download here the training in pdf format.