Nurturing Resilience from Cradle to Adulthood

Curiosity. Awareness. Reconnection. Experience.

Care4Minds is an international initiative led by three passionate, experienced healthcare professionals and researchers. We bring expertise in stressmanagement and resilience from very early childhood to adulthood for individuals and families, covering both medical and academic fields. Our mission is to bridge the gap by making scientific knowledge accessible for practical use by stimulating your curiosity, promoting awareness, allowing for (re)connection with yourself and others and creating space to experience.
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Our Services

22q minded

22qMinded offers psychological services to individuals with 22q11.2 deletion or duplication syndrome, their families, and their care teams.
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4 babyminds

4BabyMinds is for expectant parents, parents with questions or worries about their baby and those seeking support in their own parenting journey.
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4 parentminds

Trainings for parents looking to explore fresh approaches to connect with their children, themselves and their parenting skills.
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4 professionalminds

Elevate your professional skills with our trainings, supervision, workshops, and lectures in stress management, self-care, 22q11DS, Infant Mental Health (IMH), and Mindfulness.
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Meet The Team

We are based in Australia (Dr. Campbell) and The Netherlands (Dr. Duijff and Dr. van Duin). While we each run our own businesses, we share common values and goals. We work independently but collaborate on designing and implementing therapeutic and educational programs.

Europe & East Coast USA/Canada

Sasja Duijff, PhD

Pediatric Psychologist & Mindfulness Trainer, offers her extensive expertise for parents of children with special medical needs.
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Europe & East Coast USA/Canada

Esther van Duin, PhD

Neuroscientist, Psychologist in training, post-doc researcher, university lecturer, hatha yoga teacher
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Australia, New Zealand & West Coast USA/Canada

Linda Campbell, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, Associate Professor, Senior Researcher
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