4BabyMinds is for expectant parents, parents with questions or worries about their baby and those seeking support in their own parenting journey.

Counseling & Support

Early parenthood is a unique, intense journey filled with tender moments, countless questions, and the pursuit of connection. At 4BabyMinds, we understand the intricacies of this phase and offer a gentle, supportive presence for couples wishing to become parents, expectant parents, and those with questions about their baby or parenting journey. Our mission is to provide tailored guidance, share insights, and create a space where your questions find answers, making your parenting journey smoother and more joyful.

At 4BabyMinds we take a holistic approach in our counselling, rooted in the principles of Infant Mental Health (IMH). IMH is an internationally recognized perspective on the development of young children, and it guides our approach with the following key principles:

Body-Behaviour Connection
We understand that the body and behaviour of your (unborn) child are intricately linked. Physical issues and illness can have a profound impact on your (unborn) child's behavior and mood, and conversely, their behaviour can sometimes be a reflection of underlying physical concerns.
Parent-Child Symbiosis
We recognize that parents and children have a profound and constant connection. Young children are inherently dependent on their parents, and issues such as illness, physical discomfort, restlessness, or crying can create concerns and stress for parents, which, in turn, can affect the child's behavior and development.

For whom?

4BabyMinds is here for couples wishing to become parents, expectant parents, and those with questions about their baby or parenting journey.

We provide support to parents of babies or toddlers aged 0-4 years who are facing challenges related to regulation, including:

Excessive Crying
We understand the frustration and helplessness that can come with a constantly crying baby and are here to help.
Feeding or Eating Issues
 We offer guidance and solutions for parents dealing with feeding or eating difficulties in their young children.
Sleep Problems
We know the importance of a good night's sleep for both you and your child and can help you address sleep-related issues.
Behavior You Don't Understand
If you're puzzled by your child's behavior, we can provide insights and strategies to foster a better understanding.

Moreover, we are here to support parents of children who have:

Developmental Delays, Chronic Medical Conditions, or Syndromes
We have the expertise to guide you through the unique challenges of parenting children with special needs.
A History of Hospital Visits Due to Illness or Birth Complications
We can assist in addressing the emotional and developmental impact of hospitalisation on your child.
Experienced Trauma
We offer a sensitive and nurturing approach to help children and families cope with traumatic experiences.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your (unborn) child continues to develop optimally, even in the face of illnesses or challenges, while simultaneously reducing symptoms and unrest. We’re committed to fostering a nurturing and supportive environment where you and your (unborn) child can thrive, no matter what challenges may arise on your parenting journey.

What can I expect?

When you schedule an appointment with us at 4BabyMinds, we want to encourage your curiosity and foster a deeper sense of awareness about your (unborn) child’s needs. Here’s how our sessions work:

Intake Session

Our initial conversation is an opportunity to gain insights into your child’s unique experience and your family’s specific circumstances, focusing on questions concerning their development and well-being. This awareness forms the foundation of our approach. Based on this discussion, we create a personalised treatment plan tailored to your child’s needs.

Child-Centric Approach

Your little one, no matter how young, is an active participant in our sessions. We encourage parents to bring their child along. During these appointments, we engage in discussions about your child’s concerns and symptoms. Together, we focus on understanding your child’s unique signals and needs.

Comfortable Setting

Our sessions often take place on the floor, so wearing comfortable clothing is recommended. We create a relaxed environment where both you and your child can feel at ease.

Video Recording (Optional)

Prior to the session, we’ll inquire if you’re comfortable with recording the session on video. These recordings are meant for joint review and can also be used for educational purposes with your consent. However, please know that your decision to decline video recordings or fill out questionnaires will not impact the quality of treatment provided.

Our goal is to enhance your connection with your child and improve your parenting journey. We prioritize your family’s comfort and your child’s well-being, providing a space to explore your parenting concerns and work towards positive outcomes together.

Mindful Parenting for Babies and Toddlers

This training helps parents of 0-36-month-olds find balance and mindfulness amid the parenting journey. You’ll learn to:

Pause and Connect
Embrace calm moments, deepening your presence and enjoyment with your child.
Navigate Mindfully
Handle the stress and unpredictability of early parenthood with greater resilience by staying present.
Deepen Joy
Experience your child's moments — laughs, milestones, cuddles — with full appreciation
Set Limits
Learn to establish healthy boundaries for better self-care and parenting.

Designed by Eva Potharst from UvA Minds, this program is rooted in research that shows it can ease parenting stress and improve family dynamics. Join us to cultivate mindfulness, reduce stress, and enhance your family’s well-being.

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Here’s a streamlined summary of the "Mindful with Your Baby/Toddler" training:

Training Overview


8 weekly sessions, 2 hours each, for a consistent learning curve.


Active Learning:
Direct child involvement in sessions for real-time skill application and bonding.


Professional Insight
Guidance from a mindfulness trainer and an IMH specialist to address parental concerns and child interaction.


Diverse Techniques
Exercises include meditations, observation tasks, and stress management strategies to deepen the parent-child connection.


Community Support
Group discussions for a shared learning experience with other parents.


Home Practice
Homework to integrate mindfulness into daily routines.

This program offers an all-encompassing approach, combining expert-led guidance with practical exercises and community support, fostering mindfulness in parenting.

Mindful With Your Baby or Toddler Training: Nurturing Connection from the Start

Bringing mindfulness to parenthood means forming a stronger connection with your child, taking things at a comfortable pace, understanding non-verbal cues, and recognizing and expressing your own boundaries as a parent. Join the ‘Mindful with Your Baby or Toddler’ training—a practical and accessible approach tailored to address the challenges faced by parents of young children. It’s a down-to-earth journey, suitable for any parent looking to navigate the joys and trials of raising a little one.

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