Trainings for parents looking to explore fresh approaches to connect with their children, themselves and their parenting skills. Offered in live, online, and blended formats, as group sessions and private coaching.

Care4Parents is an online training program by Care4Minds, supporting parents of children with medical complexity and/or a syndrome. Since 2019, our program has made a meaningful impact, earning a high average rating of 8.5 from parents worldwide.

Care4Parents is a psychoeducational mindful parenting training. The training is practical and accessible, addressing specific daily challenges parents face when parenting a child with medical complexity and/or a syndrome. Gain valuable skills to recognize and manage stress, both in yourself and in response to challenging situations with your child. You will train various skills, including attention and awareness through an evidence-based approach. Research has shown that training these skills helps parents in managing their parenting stress and helps them enjoy being a parent.

Our tailored program equips you with essential skills to better manage stress, embrace imperfection, make conscious choices, and prioritise self-care. Join us and discover a supportive community that understands and values your journey.

What You’ll Learn

Strategies to better manage stressful and challenging situations in both parenting and other aspects of life. 
That as a parent, you don't have to be perfect, and that's perfectly okay.
The ability to choose how you react to challenges.
The importance of self-care while being there for your child.
Our Care4Parents training
Our Care4Parents training is designed to make your parenting journey easier. It's flexible, practical, and personalised just for you. Here's a quick overview:
Online Interview
Before we start, we'll have a one-on-one online interview to understand your needs and answer any questions you may have.
The program consists of eight sessions, either partly or fully online, depending on your location. We'll also have a follow-up meeting two months later to check on your progress.
Group Size
Join a community of up to 12 parents, creating a space for sharing and learning together.
Daily Homework
Expect daily assignments, taking around 30 minutes each day. These practical tasks, with audio support, help you practice and use the skills learned during the sessions.
Next Care4Parents Training 

Check the calendar for exact dates and locations.

Join Care4Parents and take some time for yourself, let us help make your parenting journey a bit smoother.
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Mindful With Your Baby or Toddler Training

Embark on a journey of mindful parenting with our Mindful with Your Baby or Toddler training. This training is designed for parents of infants aged 0 to 36 months, focusing on finding balance, navigating uncertainties, and cherishing moments with your little one.

Backed by research, the program aims to alleviate parenting stress and enhance your overall quality of life. Parents have found it helpful in managing their child’s behavior and temperament.

The eight-week program is unique in that your baby or toddler actively participates in most sessions. This hands-on approach allows you to immediately apply new skills and foster a deeper connection. Facilitated by a mindfulness expert and an infant mental health (IMH) specialist, the training includes calming meditations and practical guidance on understanding your baby’s signals.

Explore various exercises, from meditations to stress management techniques, all designed to strengthen your bond with your baby or toddler. Connect with fellow parents, share experiences, and engage in manageable homework to practice your new skills at home. 

Check the schedule for upcoming dates and join us for a thoughtful exploration of mindful parenting.

Key Takeaways Mindful with your baby or toddler training:

Gained the ability to observe my child from a distance and make conscious decisions about his needs.
Realized the direct impact of my own calmness on my child's mood.
Discovered the power of my breath as a tool for self-calming, which in turn helps calm my child.
Tackled the theme of 'acceptance,' especially regarding my expectations for my child's sleep schedule.

Join our: ‘Mindful With Your Baby or Toddler Training’

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Meet Your Trainers

You’re not alone on your parenting journey; our expert trainers are here to support you, tailored to your global location.

Europe & East Coast USA/Canada

Sasja Duijff, PhD

Pediatric Psychologist & Mindfulness Trainer, offers her extensive expertise for parents of children with special medical needs.
More about Sasja

Australia, New Zealand & West Coast USA/Canada

Linda Campbell, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, brings her wealth of clinical experience to foster balance and mindfulness in your parenting.
More about Linda

I am (through this training) more satisfied with myself as a mother because I am better able to stay calm in stressful situations. I recognize the signs of stress in my body more quickly, which allows me to make a plan on how to react to the situation when I’m still relatively calm. Instead of getting too angry and reacting out of frustration.
It could be coincidence, but my son has fewer tantrums and seems much more comfortable in his skin. It has definitely strengthened our relationship.

Dutch participant E., mother of 2 sons, one of whom is a 4-year-old with 22q11DS

What’s valuable is that I’ve learned to maintain calm within myself in difficult situations when interacting with and raising my children. A significant change I’ve noticed in myself is that I take events as they come and judge or act upon them less. I do this not only in the area of parenting but also professionally now. I would recommend this course to anyone, even if you find the mindfulness aspect less interesting. The exercises create a sense of inner calm, allowing you to better focus on the practical topics within the course.

Dutch participant Bart, father of 3, of whom the youngest has 22q11

I’m not sure if you realize how special and unique you are and how good you are at your profession. With years of experience with psychologists and psychiatrists for various family members, this is honestly the first time that I have found the suggested advice and methods to be genuinely fitting and useful for a parent of a child with complex additional needs.
I’m still stressed, but now realize that I can pause the day by breathing and then reflect on how I’m doing without spiraling downward again. It has been truly profound. I’m still a ‘work in progress,’ but wanted to let you know that you have touched both my heart and mind and have genuinely helped me move forward in a new way.

Australian participant C., mother of 3, one of her twin daughters (18 years old) has 22q11

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