Workshop Mindfulness

Care4Minds is an international initiative led by three passionate, experienced healthcare professionals and researchers. We bring expertise in stressmanagement and resilience from very early childhood to adulthood for individuals and families, covering both medical and academic fields. Our mission is to bridge the gap by making scientific knowledge accessible for practical use by stimulating your curiosity, promoting awareness, allowing for (re)connection with yourself and others and creating space to experience.

What to Expect

During the intro workshop, you'll get insights into the science behind stress and mindfulness. But you'll also dive into practical experiences that you can apply in your daily life immediately.


The workshop is led by Esther van Duin and/or Sasja Duijff.


The exact content and focus of each workshop or training depends on the specific needs and questions of the attendees. We're happy to discuss this with you in more detail.

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For more information or to register, contact us at Looking forward to hearing from you; perhaps see you soon!

Workshop Mindful met je baby

Get a Taste of 'Mindful with Your Baby' Training The workshop is open to all parents who want to explore what mindfulness can mean in interacting with your baby. It's also for those who have participated before and are looking for a refresher on practicing mindfulness with their child.

What You'll Experience

The workshop focuses on how to be present for yourself while caring for your baby, both in calm and challenging moments. We'll practice recognizing your baby's signals. The session mixes meditations with educational insights about babyhood and shared experiences. There's a self-focused meditation you'll do in the presence of your baby or toddler, as well as an 'observational meditation' to practice seeing your child with an open gaze.

Considering the 8-week Program?

If you're pondering the full 8-week 'Mindful with Your Baby' course, this workshop is an excellent way to see if it's the right fit for you.

A Treat for You and Your Baby

Think of this workshop as a peaceful break in your busy family life. Participants often tell us they leave feeling lighter than when they arrived after just 1.5 hours.


The workshop is led by mindfulness trainer and IMH-specialist Sasja Duijff.

Current Offerings

For our current schedule, check our agenda.

Workshop Mindful ouderschap van een kind met een chronische aandoening en/ of syndroom

Handling Chronic Conditions and Developmental Disorders

If your child is born with a chronic condition, syndrome, or developmental disorder, it often demands a lot from you as a parent. This is especially true if hospital visits are frequent, involving tests, blood draws, or surgeries. The workshop addresses how to manage all these extra responsibilities, not just for the child who needs medical attention but also for the rest of the family. It also looks at self-care for you as a caregiver.

Who is it for?

This workshop is geared towards parents, caregivers, and grandparents who have a child aged 0-24 with a chronic condition, developmental disorder, or syndrome and are seeking more balance in their caregiving roles. You'll get a taste of the practical exercises included.


The workshop is led by Esther van Duin and Sasja Duijff.

Current Offerings

For our current schedule, check our agenda.

Workshop Mindfulness voor (jong)volwassenen met 22q11DS

Want to get better at managing stress? Looking to live more mindfully? Need more balance in your life? Care4Minds has got you covered. Our approach is rooted in extensive knowledge and expertise in stress management, happiness, 22q11DS, and the impact of hospital experiences. We also make sure to keep things light and enjoyable.

What to Expect

In this introductory workshop, you'll get an overview of what Care4Minds training can offer. But most importantly, you'll get a taste of the hands-on exercises that you can apply right away in your daily life.


The workshop is led by Esther van Duin and/or Sasja Duijff.

Current Offerings

Check out our agenda for current offerings.